Our Company

When you come to Aviva Chicago, you get an Illinois branch of Aviva Wholesale. Since 2000, our family-run business has distributed and manufactured high-quality textile goods from over 10 plants both domestically and globally. From cloth masks to athletic t-shirts, retailers can receive comfort for their customers and long-lasting products. These partnerships allow us to promote international sources of high-quality, durable fabrics and take wholesale clothing beyond fast fashion.

Twenty-one years of experience sets us apart from other wholesale apparel companies. Our team and time have shown that businesses can manufacture high-quality custom apparel at affordable prices. We have developed a great understanding of different brands and their positioning.

What’s more, thanks to working with international manufacturers, we have the unique opportunity to offer knowledge from past experiences. We pair that knowledge with a vision of a better apparel future.

We have developed excellent relationships with several factories around the world, including Pakistan, China, India, Bangladesh, Turkey, and Egypt. Different partnerships allow Aviva Chicago to have control of manufacturing and product development. With this direct involvement, we can provide the best quality and prices for our customers. We believe that working directly with manufacturers will reduce potential supply chain issues.

Natural materials and raw fibers determine your fabric’s feel and texture. Customers will wear the difference and respond accordingly with their wallets. A reliable supplier can provide that quality at a reasonable price for wholesale. We help them reach more customers as a result.


Online Wholesale
Aviva Chicago is dedicated to exceptional integrity, reliability, quality of product, and service. We realize that the markets for textiles are ever-changing. Different trends in apparel can affect suppliers, as well as distributors. Consider, for example, the focus on breathable cotton fabric.

We are always looking to provide the best product sources at the most competitive prices. Matching both expectations means that we meet our customers’ needs on time.

Goals And Expectations

Open Communication With Our Wholesale Business Partners
Our Texas Aviva location serves as our home base. The team then creates a network outside of our headquarters. A 40,000 square-foot warehouse allows us to retain stock and maintain its quality.

Many retailers require high-quality cotton fabric apparel or breathable mesh for their customers. Some fabrics are better for heat printing, while others must be comfortable for athletic target markets. To help them, Aviva Chicago aims to open more stores within the state of Illinois to provide more access to our customers.

Our goal is to ensure the correct product arrives at the right time at the right price. Wholesale options allow a supplier to provide the highest value possible at affordable costs. We always aim to develop solutions specifically targeted at our clients’ business objectives.

We achieve this by creating a space for our clients to exchange creative ideas and serve as a consultant. Then they can use the appropriate materials for custom designs. Aviva Chicago wishes to be more than just an order taker. From dresses to tops, we want to take action.


An Environment With Support And Success
Our employees all share the same values that drive the overall success of the company. We work towards specific goals that enhance the effectiveness of the entire team. We offer products and services that represent tremendous value to all of our particular customer segments.

The Aviva Chicago team always wants to work harder than our competitors. Dedication to quality apparel ensures we have the best value and prices for our customers.

At Aviva Chicago, we aim to make suggestions, research, create and help our customers do the absolute best by their brand. The right apparel can make a difference in your branding. We ensure that all of our staff members are passionate and innovative people, whether they work in the warehouse or the retail store. With such a team, we can continue to strive for complete customer satisfaction.


A heritage of hard work, integrity, and gratitude are character traits that have contributed to Aviva Chicago’s long-term success. We believe that the best way to ensure profitability is by putting people and principles first and foremost. Every decision needs care and compassion.

Aviva Chicago knows that you can deliver the same quality of products to our customers at lower prices. Our mission is to keep finding ways to serve our customers with apparel and helping them succeed at the next level.

We look forward to serving our current and future clients with warmth and unparalleled service in the textile industry. The Aviva team maintains a commitment to quality, value, service, innovation, and trust. Our community has and will require unique individual needs for years to come. That is why we are here to help.

Design A Wide Range Of Wholesale Fashion With Aviva Chicago

Aviva Chicago is ready to get you started with high-quality apparel. We will educate you about heat control and the best shirts, shorts or trousers. To find out more, please reach out to us today. Mimic the feel of luxury clothing at a lower price for your brand, and trust Aviva Chicago to lead the way.