Instructions for Printed Heat Transfer Vinyl:

• Transfer Tape Is required to transfer the design and make it ready to press. 

• The Vinyl should be printed side up, NOT MIRRORED PRINT AS IT IS.

 • As you peel it off, apply the transfer tape and make sure that the design is fully transferred on it. (Use a scraper for better transfer) 

• Peel off from the application tape so you should only have your design on the transfer tape, ready to transfer the design on the Material.

 This vinyl is great for use on cotton, polyester, cotton/poly blends and spandex. Transfer Tape Sheet will be included in the price for each piece purchased. 

Transfer Tape allows you to transfer your cut design to your garment for easy pressing. 

NOTE: Transfer Tape can be reused 2-3 times.  


Options For Printed Heat Vinyl Transfer (HTV)

Printed heat vinyl transfer is one viable material for applying designs to apparel. You can receive a prepared pattern that matches your branding, from our wide array of options from the Aviva website.

Always check to see if our materials are in stock, and any shipping deals. We want to ensure that you receive the best value for your purchase. Each of our vinyl prints comes in a roll measuring one foot long. In some cases you can order one yard, but not for every order.

Black and white checkered patterns are a classic in graphic design, especially for apparel. We have a printed Buffalo Pattern in red and black. When you are getting started with prints, using a checkered print will look good on the outfits that you sell to customers.

To recreate the spotted texture of fur on your apparel without the expense or ethical dilemma, see if the Cheetah Pattern fits your customers’ taste. We also have a Zebra Pattern for this same reason. Fur textures are a classic standby, and one can use them with minimal effort.

Why Use a Pre-Printed Pattern HTV?

A printed pattern saves you time and energy in creating a custom design for your business. An owner or manager would either need to craft a design or hire a graphic designer to create a unique logo or brand.

Prints have versatility in how one applies them to fabric, and in other materials. They have a repeatable pattern that remains uniform. Heat transfer often requires applying the transfer design with precision, especially in regards to arrangement.

In addition, some apparel sells best with the seasons or holidays, and designs for such occasions have recurring motifs. Rather than spend time each year paying for a new logo or design, you can use reliable motifs.

Master Your Heat Press Material With Aviva Wholesale

Aviva Illinois, a branch of Aviva Wholesale, is a retailer and distributor of heat press materials and design printing to assist businesses with manufacturing. Our goal is to provide the materials you need for printing.

To find out more about printed HTV, please reach out to us today. Aviva Illinois wants to provide all of the materials you need to customize your business’s apparel, large or small.